Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

DoorDash for Business is free to sign up and to use. You only pay for what your employees order, and if you wish to purchase DashPass for Employees.

We encourage you to speak to a DoorDash for Business representative to build the perfect solution for your business needs.

DoorDash for Business customers have the choice of paying via monthly invoices or by credit card. Companies only pay for what employees order.

DoorDash for Business budgets apply towards restaurant orders by default. Budgets can also be enabled for, or restricted from, orders on the following categories:

  • Convenience and Grocery

  • Alcohol*

*We are not able to invoice for alcohol at this time.

Yes, budgets can easily be set to apply at certain days or times, or restricted to deliveries at certain addresses, such as office locations.

Yes, budgets will apply to delivery or pickup orders by default.

No, you will not be charged for unused budgets.

Expensed Meal Credits

Expensed Meal Credits enable you to set a food ordering budget for employees to place expensed DoorDash orders anytime, anywhere — from desk lunches to late-night snacks, at home or in the office.

You set the budget as a one-time treat for ad-hoc events, or as a recurring benefit to encourage your team to take a break each day. Your team then gets to order what they want according to their own preferences, tastes, and dietary restrictions. By giving employees a convenient way to order expensed meals, you'll help reduce stress and improve productivity.

Employers can choose to pay for DoorDash for Business by credit card or by invoice. 

  • For credit card payments: Add your preferred credit card as the payment method in your Benefits portal to pay for your team’s orders. Your card will be charged for every order placed by your team, so be sure to check with your bank to make sure they are aware of multiple orders being placed on the card.

  • For invoice payments: Pay for all of your team’s orders at once via a monthly invoice. All invoices will be sent to the billing contact email by the 3rd business day of the following month.Payment is due 30 days after the invoice date (Net 30 terms). You can pay your invoices using a credit card or ACH through our invoicing and payment portal.

Companies have the ability to set restrictions on how employees can use the budget/stipend, including day, time, and delivery address. You can also allow for a specific pickup radius.

The beauty of DoorDash for Business is that our solutions provide flexibility and choice for employees from 500,000+ merchants on DoorDash. Whether they're using Expensed Meal Credits to order fresh dishes, or picking their own items in a shared Group Order, your team members will be able to choose meals that work for their health and dietary needs.

DoorDash for Business offers in-depth reporting to help companies centralize and track their meal program. Admins can download a bulk receipt summary in the admin portal and view the current month or previous months as a PDF or CSV.

DoorDash for Business offers a dedicated VIP support team for all business accounts to allow clients to escalate any questions or issues that arise.

Group Orders

DoorDash allows customers to create a group cart from a specific restaurant and share the link with a group. Teammates can add their meal choices to the cart and the customer then checks out the order. All items will be delivered at once. The cart creator can choose to pay for full order or allow everyone to pay separately for their individual meal.


Vouchers are one-time meal credits that admins can give to anyone, both internal and external. Admins set the budget and expiration date and only pay for redeemed spend. 

Gift Cards are pre-paid DoorDash credit that can be sent to anyone with one click and never expire.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are sent virtually via email or text and can include a personal note if desired.

No they do not, allowing your employees to order when they’re ready.