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Delicious food and everyday essentials delivered anytime, anywhere.

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A benefit your employees will love

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Reduce stress

Free delivery & reduced service fees. No meal prep required.

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Save money

Save between $4 to $5 per purchase with $0 delivery fees.

DDfB A gift that lasts

Make life easier

Save on delivery of food, groceries, pet supplies, and more.

Increase job satisfaction

Reduce everyday stress by making it easy for employees to have everything they need delivered. 85% of employees said regular food delivery would increase their job satisfaction.

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Save your employees time and money

DashPass users save an average of $4-5 on every order and get access to nearby restaurants, convenience stores, and more.

Getting started is easy


Grant memberships

Select how many DashPass memberships you want to grant.


Enroll employees

We provide marketing materials to onboard your employees.


Start saving

Enjoy unlimited $0 delivery and reduced service fees.