Feed your team everywhere they work

Let your employees expense meals with ease.

DDFW - Employee Meals - Hero

Modernize business lunches and reimbursement

ddfw delivery

Delivery anytime, anywhere

Great for employees working on site or remotely.

DDfB eat together

More choice and control

Employees choose what to eat while you control the budget.

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Expense with ease

Submit expenses to SAP Concur with just 1 click.

Expensed Meals

Easily set recurring or one-time budgets for employees, which are automatically expensed to your corporate account.

DDfB - Expensed Meals
DDfB - Corporate Rates

DashPass for Employees

Membership provides unlimited $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees, saving your employees time and money, while reducing the daily stress of meal prep and bringing your work community together with group orders.

SAP Concur Integration

Empower your backend office with more control. SAP Concur integration reduces manual errors, improves compliance with set budgets, and eliminates the need to collect, scan, and itemize receipts. Employees can submit expenses to SAP Concur in just 1 click.

DDfB - SAP Concur Integration

Resources to increase employee happiness

DDfB - Etiquette Tips - UI card

Etiquette Tips for the New Normal

Find new ways to support employees while building community in a hybrid work setting with DoorDash group orders.


Why it’s Important to Feed Your Team

Happier employees are more productive employees. See how DoorDash for Business can help.

Food from DoorDash on desk

Lunch Ideas for Working Remote or in Office

Whether on site or in a spare bedroom, here's how to promote a healthier work environment.