7 Corporate Perks Your Company Can Offer Today

Keep your workforce engaged and connected with benefits for remote employees.

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Bring your pet to work. Lunchtime ping pong on the office patio. Weekly happy hours at the office. 

Savvy business leaders know that corporate perks like these create an inviting work atmosphere where people are eager to come to the office every day. Special amenities promote a sense of camaraderie and teamwork while reinforcing a company culture that conveys its employees are valuable assets. 

But how can you make life easier for team members who have a flexible work model? 

Corporate perks at work are more important than ever to help build connections and boost morale among your dispersed workforce. With some outside-the-box thinking, you can add some unique corporate perks to your benefits program that employees can put to good use while working from home.

1. Help your employees refit their home office

Whether they’re working in a converted bedroom or at the dining room table, your employees need a space where they can focus and accomplish their tasks as comfortably as possible.

  • Give a gift card to an office supply store or a stipend for furnishings to spruce up a home office. The funds can be used for desk chairs, monitors, organizers, and even room dividers to help define a dedicated work space.

  • Make sure your employees have all the tools they need to get the job done — software, Internet hot spots, cell phone plans, laptops, or headphones. Consider giving your team a monthly stipend for quality wifi. 

  • Offer easy-to-access tech support so your employees never miss a Zoom conference or lose an important spreadsheet right before deadline.

2. Let your team work 9 to 5 — or 6 to 2

We’ve all learned the importance of adaptability and flexibility. Help your employees manage work-life balance during their long hours at home by giving them remote employee perks that offer more control over their schedules.

  • Buying groceries, running errands, cleaning house — these tasks all take time. Give your team the freedom to work schedules that meet their needs and enhance their productivity.

  • PTO policies can shift to accommodate for days when employees need a break from their screens. 

  • Encourage employees to use their time off to prevent burnout. It can be as simple as setting a policy for everyone to use a minimum amount of PTO during a certain time period.

3. Focus on the “home” in “work from home”

You don’t want employees to feel like life is all work and no play when they’re based at home. Working from home, 25% of employees struggle to unplug from technology—and 51% of employees worry about striking a balance between work and personal time.

  • Give your team perks they can enjoy off the clock. In addition to DashPass for Employees meals they can order, employees may like a subscription to a lifestyle service that has real, tangible benefits. 

  • Film and TV streaming services

  • Free music streaming for the family

  • Subscriptions to online workouts or meditation apps.

4. Never underestimate the power of an employee meal program 

Free or discounted food is always appreciated, especially when employees have the flexibility to order any time, from anywhere. Plus, having a prepared meal delivered to their home means one less thing they have to juggle during a busy day. DoorDash for Business products are high-quality perks for remote employees:

  • With Employee Meals, employees can schedule orders for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and an Equipped Dasher delivers it straight to their door. You set the budget and ordering hours through our meal ordering platform.

  • Employee Gift Cards for food are versatile and redeemable at any DoorDash partner restaurant. Calculate how many employees you need to purchase gift cards for, how much money you want to include on each card, and add a customized message for a personal touch. 

  • The DashPass for Employees membership delivers great value along with delicious food. The company pays for the program and invites employees to enroll—when they do, employees enjoy $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees, for an average $4 to $5 savings per order.

5. Surprise gifts are a good thing

Brighten any workday by sending your team members thoughtful gifts. 

  • Include a DoorDash Employee Gift Card in a goodie basket filled with sweet and savory treats. Have it arrive on a Friday so it can be enjoyed over the weekend.

  • Put together a package of themed company swag, such as T-shirts, water bottles, reusable tote bags, and more.

  • Assemble a kit for an at-home movie night with candy and popcorn.

6. Take office parties online

Even though your team may be working from different locations, you can still keep in touch with colleagues while having fun. 

  • Host voluntary, virtual game nights, happy hours, open mic nights, holiday festivities, or other events where work isn’t the main focus. 

  • If you’re planning a surprise remote employee gift for your team, find one that fits the theme of your event and have it delivered in time for the party.

7. Emphasize corporate perks for mental health

Switching from the office to remote work can be challenging for some people. It’s understandable if some of your employees grapple with stress, depression, and loneliness. Research shows that social connection helps people navigate stressful situations with resiliency. And without that contact, their physical and mental health may suffer. 

  • Provide resources such as emotional/mental health apps, life coaching services, and accessibility to counseling that can help people cope with the stress of today’s environment.

  • Office administrators and HR reps can schedule regular one-on-one virtual check-ins with their employees to see how they’re doing and determine if they have specific needs.

Enrich the work-from-home experience for your team. Worthwhile remote employee perks, such as those offered by DoorDash for Business, make this time more enjoyable for everyone. 

Contact us today to get started or download The Future of the "Office" to learn more about the best way to approach the new normal. 


Allison Van Duyne

Allison Van Duyne

Content Marketing, DoorDash