2024's Top Workplace Trends and How DoorDash for Business Is Powering Productivity

Flexible work can be beneficial for businesses and contribute to employee well-being.

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Workplaces are changing rapidly as businesses seek productivity and employees' workplace desires evolve. Workplace trends are emerging in response to changing workplace dynamics, technological advancements, and a need for employee wellness. Strong workplace culture and valued employee relationships are healthy indicators of success but for businesses to recruit, retain, and engage employees, understanding and adapting to the latest trends is key. 

Top employees are attracted to companies offering progressive and flexible work environments with a focus on employee well-being. By staying up to date on workplace trends such as hybrid work and prioritizing employee health and wellness, businesses can engage their current staff and be competitive when hiring new employees. 

By embracing workplace trends, businesses can improve efficiency and increase employee satisfaction. Optimizing workflows, leveraging AI and emerging technology, implementing best practices like hybrid work arrangements, and offering employee perks help businesses remain agile in a quickly changing workplace landscape. Beyond tools, understanding the needs of employees and ensuring they feel fulfilled and appreciated at work supports a productive and successful workplace. 

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Embrace flexible work models

Flexible work arrangements are a leading workplace trend in 2024. Even top CEOs who initially resisted the change are realizing a hybrid work model is here to stay. Embracing remote working, hybrid models, and flexible schedules can empower employees to work when and where they're most effective. This flexibility enables a better work-life balance and more opportunities for employees to focus on mental and physical wellness. Supporting employees with virtual collaboration tools, guidelines for remote working, and opportunities to develop company culture even when not in-person can ensure the success of flexible work models. Trending flexible work models include: 

Hybrid work 

A hybrid work schedule is a work week that combines on-site or in-office work with work-from-home/remote work. Employees who have the flexibility to work remotely often report higher levels of job satisfaction and are more engaged with their jobs. A 2022 study shows 82% of employees find the ability to work from a location of their choice has made them happier and 60% felt that their productivity has enhanced as a result. 

DoorDash for Business supports hybrid workplaces with flexible food solutions. Offering expensed meal credits and stipends when and where employees require food can increase employee satisfaction and strengthen company culture

Chronotype work

Chronoworking allows employees to tune into their natural sleep and productivity patterns and work at the times of day when they are personally most effective. Challenging traditional working hours, chronotype work considers natural energy levels and peak times for productivity, empowering employees to create their own schedules.

DoorDash for Business can support chronoworking setups to maximize peak productivity times by delivering meals when and where employees need them. DoorDash for Business fuels employees no matter when their preferred work hours take place.  

Remote work

An ongoing challenge for businesses with fully remote workers is creating and maintaining a company culture while ensuring employees feel connected to their colleagues and the business. Programs like DoorDash for Business reinforce team bonding at meal times on an ongoing basis with company-provided meals delivered to wherever individual employees are working. Offering inclusive meal perks shows that your business considers all team members, regardless of schedule. Sharing food or enjoying a meal together is a great way to connect remote employees, building workplace relationships and culture.

Flexible employee schedules

Fully flexible schedules allow employees the choice to work both in the office and remotely on a schedule that suits them. Employees have the flexibility to choose where and when they work, which could involve a four-day work week with longer hours each day or a mix of in-person and remote work on a varying schedule. A fully flexible employee schedule prioritizes work-life balance and empowers employees to be self-sufficient. An employee gift card incentive program is a great way to acknowledge milestone achievements, build a culture of recognition, and stay connected with flexible employees. 

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Advance workplace productivity with technology

Technology is more than a workplace trend; it's becoming essential. Embracing technology and understanding AI can increase efficiency and effectiveness across your business. Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in modern workplaces by automating repetitive labor-intensive tasks, enabling data-informed decisions, and connecting employees virtually. 

Using data analytics allows companies to gain insights into performance, workflow efficiency, and resource distribution which can help inform workplace improvements. Integrating AI and automation tools into daily workplace practices can streamline repetitive tasks and allow employees to focus on higher-value activities. Technology is also a valuable tool for keeping employees connected when on the go or working remotely. 

Enhance workplace satisfaction with employee wellness programs

Employee wellness programs are a requirement for many of today's successful businesses, going beyond a trend to an expectation. This includes mental health and physical health. 83% of employees at 2023 Fortune 100 Best Companies reported having a psychologically and emotionally healthy workplace. The positive relationship between employee well-being and productivity is undeniable. 

Prioritizing wellness and showing employees that their health and well-being is important to the business builds a strong company culture. Team members who feel valued at work are often satisfied and more likely to stay with the company. Employee recognition programs, perks, and rewards further increase employee morale. Fostering an inclusive workplace that values diversity, equity, and inclusion also encourages well-being in the workplace and can encourage a sense of belonging and support for all employees.

DoorDash for Business contributes to employee well-being with customizable meal options that suit hybrid work or in-office team meals. Employee food and meal programs are becoming a trending employee benefit and part of employee wellness packages all companies should consider. 

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DoorDash for Business supercharges productivity

DoorDash for Business provides a variety of fast and easy meal options to support group socials or individual meals for flexible, hybrid, chronoworking, or remote teams. No matter the size or location of your team, custom options are available to fit your unique needs and allow employees to expense meals with ease. Embracing technology to control and automate your budget by time, date, and location makes ordering and expensing meals easy for employers and straightforward for employees. 

Whatever their schedule, employees need food to keep them satisfied and motivated. Whether meals are gift card rewards, team lunches to build culture or simply a regular incentive, expensed meal credits enhance a flexible workplace. This perk can improve employee engagement, strengthen corporate culture, and increase productivity for team members across your business.

Discover how DoorDash for Business can power your team's satisfaction and productivity.


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