Ordering employee meals for your team has never been easier

Onboard, allocate budgets, and track expenses in one place.

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Easy to onboard and easy to use

DDfB homepage view dash locations

Easy setup

Setup is easy so employees can order delivery and pickup from DoorDash.

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More control

Employees choose what to eat while you control the spend.

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Fast delivery

Average delivery time is 35 minutes.

One platform. Two ways to provide food for work.

Reduce stress, boost productivity, and help your employees feel valued.

Employee Meals

Feed your team everywhere they work.

Employee Benefits

Attract and retain top talent.

DDfB ui Add Employees

Add employees

Once you are given access to the admin portal, add your employees to invite them to activate their new benefits or budget.

Create groups

Create groups to organize employees into different teams. Recommended for easier allocation across teams or offices.

DDfB ui Create new group
Screenshot of "Create Budget" screen in app

Customize meal budgets

Employees get to choose what to order while you stay in control of the budget. Allocate recurring budgets or one-time meal stipends. Define budgets by employee, team, day, time, or location. Restrict budgets to office deliveries if you want to encourage a return to the office.


Expense with ease

Integration with SAP Concur ​​makes ordering and expensing meals easy, improves meal compliance, and saves you time and money.

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