Simplify employee food orders with Expensed Meal Credits

Feed your team with DoorDash's unparalleled selection and cost-saving benefits.

For Canada-based employees, contact sales.

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Provide flexible meal budgets to your team

Let your team choose meals that fit their health and dietary preferences, wherever they work. Employees handle the ordering, and you control when, where, and how much they can spend on DoorDash. Expense easily with our SAP Concur integration.

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Easily create an individual meals program through DoorDash for Business

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The #1 category leader in US food

Employees can order meals from more than 500,000+ local and national merchants through DoorDash.

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Delicious meals, delivered quickly

Dashers will have a meal on every desk in under 35 minutes on average.

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Employees can skip the delivery fee

Maximize the value of each meal credit with DashPass for Employees and save on every eligible meal.

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Save with DashPass for Employees

Expand your corporate benefits program with DashPass for Employees. Give your team the perk of $0 delivery and reduced service fees on every eligible order.

Customize meal budgets

Allocate recurring budgets or one-time meal stipends through our centralized admin portal. Define budgets by employee, team, day, time, or even location. To encourage a return to the office, restrict budgets to office deliveries.

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Optimize your business with DoorDash

Optimize with automated reimbursement

Leverage our SAP Concur integration to send receipts directly to your expense reporting platform and make expensing employee meals even easier. 

Employees receive subsidized meals without needing to submit receipts — instead, orders are automatically expensed to the company account. 

Start using DoorDash for Business today

Choose from two simple ways to get started

Set up team meals within minutes

Ready to order? A self-serve account is perfect for feeding a small group or providing a one-time meal for events like client meetings and team lunches. 

Chat with a team member about a meal program

Let us take account setup off of your plate. A member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your needs and provide VIP support. 

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