Share meals for one-time occasions

Send a meal voucher to employees and clients for ad hoc corporate events.

Someone receiving takeout for what could be a group meal

Elevate any corporate event with meal delivery

DDfB A gift that lasts

Set voucher details

Select the voucher value and the date range. Vouchers can be created for individuals or in bulk.

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Add recipients

Enter information of employees, clients, and others receiving a complimentary meal.

DDfB eat together

Share and track spend

Share seamlessly via email or a custom link. Track use and pay for redeemed spend only.

DDfW Vouchers Added to Account

Make your next ad-hoc event one to remember

For one-time events like team meetings with clients or group off-sites, or All-Hands, vouchers provide you with the flexibility to offer customizable meals to virtual or in-person attendees.

Set event details for date range and voucher value, and allow employees and clients to order whatever they're craving. You'll only pay for the exact amount they spend.

Vouchers can be easily shared via email or a unique link to recipients — without needing to be onboarded to your DoorDash for Business account.