Frequently Asked Questions

This guide will help you learn more about the platform and how to get started. If you're already a partner, get your questions answered at

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DoorDash for Business customers* have the choice of paying via monthly invoices or by credit card.

*Teams accounts (<200 employees) will pay via credit card only

DoorDash for Business budgets apply towards restaurant orders by default. Budgets can also be enabled for, or restricted from, orders on the following categories:

  • Convenience and Grocery

  • Alcohol

Yes, budgets can easily be set to apply at certain days or times, or restricted to deliveries at certain addresses, such as office locations.

Yes, budgets will apply to delivery or pickup orders by default.

No, you will not be charged for unused budgets.

We encourage you to speak to a DoorDash for Business representative to build the perfect solution for your business needs. Pricing will vary by product and number of users.

DoorDash for Business will send virtual gift cards with a personal note (optional) to the emails provided.

No they do not, allowing your employees to order when they’re ready.