Submit expenses with just one click. Link DoorDash for Business with SAP Concur to make expensing easier.

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Expense meals with ease

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Streamline reporting

Reduce time handling receipts — submit expenses to SAP Concur in just one click.

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Customize to your needs

Allow employees to choose from nearby restaurants while staying within budget.

SAP integration

Cut costs and save time

Less meal prep plus free delivery and reduced service fees make the day easier.

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Modernize your expense management

Reduce manual errors, improve compliance with set budgets, and empower your backend office with more control.

How it works


Link accounts

Link DoorDash for Business employee accounts with SAP Concur.


Employees order

Employees can use the DoorDash app they already have.


Expense with ease

Review expenses in a single dashboard and sync with SAP Concur.