Tips for Ordering Lunches Your Remote Team Will Love

Elevate the remote work experience with fast and easy lunch orders delivered to employees.

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Whether your organization is hybrid, in-office, flexible, or fully remote, there’s one thing they all have in common— your employees are happier when they’re fed. Offering employees benefits like easy meal options delivered to their home or the office will undoubtedly increase employee satisfaction. In any workplace culture, food can bring people together. 

Supporting your employees while they work from home can attract new talent to your organization, offer value, and strengthen the company culture for existing employees. From teammates sharing a meal over a teleconference to lightening their busy schedule by having lunch delivered, DoorDash makes it simple to feed your team, no matter where their desk is. 

A 2020 DoorDash survey found that 85% of working Americans say regular food delivery would increase their job satisfaction, and 75% say it would also improve their productivity. DoorDash for Business meal solutions, including larger group orders where employees can choose their meal selections, effectively show that you value your team’s health and happiness. 

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Flexible work environments require flexible meal solutions

When your team is working in a variety of locations and time zones, it’s important to facilitate meal breaks so employees can come back to their desks recharged. So how to order lunch for remote employees?

With more than 500,000 merchants and a wide range of delivery options, flexibility is a key element to DoorDash for Business. Employees can manage their food schedule and decide ahead of time when their order will arrive, allowing them to enjoy a meal whenever works best for their individual calendars. They can also manage their dietary restrictions or preferences by ordering their own meals, so even the most unique craving can be easily satisfied.

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Food delivery is the ideal answer for expensing meals

Employee food and meal programs are becoming a popular benefit and part of many wellness packages. But as businesses grow and thrive, so does the probability of administrative headaches when receipts are lost or payment methods are not accepted, as well as the difficulty of coordinating a meal offering everyone will like. Offering employees flexible ordering stipends for weekly or monthly expensed meals lets them choose from their favorite restaurant and have their meals delivered wherever they work. 

Businesses manage the budget and can specify approved times and locations for each employee order. For instance, admins can approve $15 for lunch whenever employees order delivery to the corporate office address. Submitting a receipt is not required, as the details are stored in the employer’s DoorDash for Business centralized admin portal.

DoorDash for Business allows you to easily manage meal credits for several team members through a single interface. With the addition of DashPass for Employees, teammates receive unlimited $0 delivery and reduced service fees, making this a great perk for in-office, remote, hybrid, or virtual teams.

Simplify remote lunches by ordering food for your entire team

Bring remote employees together to connect and share a virtual team meal. Whether it’s a weekly Friday check-in or a milestone celebration, food choice and delivery accessibility are key. Convenient, corporate food delivery for employees shows them they’re appreciated and can ease the stress of juggling meal prep while meeting deadlines. 

Sharing a meal together can also increase company culture and strengthen relationships between employees as you get to know other team members while you dine together, even through a screen. DoorDash for Business provides a central experience for all employees and an easy solution for virtual lunches.

Reward remote teams with gift cards and vouchers for food delivery

Another delicious way to reward remote team members and show appreciation for your employees is by offering customizable and personalized gift cards for food delivery. To mark a holiday, team milestone, or birthday, gift cards allow your employees to treat themselves to anything from tacos to crispy duck pancakes. Add a personal message to share your gratitude and schedule a gift card ahead of time for a  birthday or special occasion. Employee gift cards are available in bulk, don’t expire, and are redeemable anywhere, anytime on DoorDash.  

In a flexible work environment, employee vouchers offer employees or clients a one-time meal credit for use anywhere on DoorDash. Treat your clients to the meal of their choice with no complicated coordination, dietary explanations, awkward ordering process, or need to be added to the DoorDash for Business administrative portal. Vouchers are easily emailed to employees and external team members to use. Your DoorDash for Business account allows you to track one-time spending and pay only for the amount redeemed. 

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Elevate the remote work experience with well-planned lunch orders

Virtual lunches and food delivery for employees is a way to connect with — and show support for — all remote employees, especially those on a big project or tight deadline. Employee benefits are valuable to individuals but also to businesses investing in their people. Offering flexible meal delivery strengthens company culture and workplace morale. 

Feed your employees with DoorDash for Business

DoorDash for Business fuels your business with convenient, flexible meal solutions wherever and whenever your team is working. Connect with our sales team to set up a large group order for your employees or recurring meals. Use our self-serve options to order gift cards and set up a centralized admin portal and billing management.


Sara DeForest

Sara DeForest