Fuel your business with DoorDash's meal solutions

Provide fast and easy meals for your employees, wherever they work, with DoorDash for Business.

Flexible meal solutions for all types of teams

With 500,000+ local and national stores, and a wide range of delivery options, DoorDash makes it simple to feed your team.

Provide fresh meals to your in-office teams

  • Group Orders: Feed your whole in-office team at the same time with ease. Pick a restaurant, set a spending limit, and send team members a link to add their preferred meals to a shared cart.

  • Expensed Meals: Set a one-time or recurring budget so employees can order an individual dish to fit their taste and dietary preferences. Meals will be automatically expensed to the company account.

  • DashPass for Employees: Enroll your employees in DashPass to receive perks on food deliveries, including free delivery and reduced fees.

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Deliver to any desk, anywhere

  • Expensed Meals: Set a weekly or monthly ordering stipend and let employees choose from their favorite restaurant on DoorDash. Control the budget down to the day, time, and location of each recipient.

  • DashPass For Employees: Make a DashPass subscription part of your employee benefits package. Employees receive $0 delivery fees, 5% cash back on eligible pickup orders, and reduced service fees on eligible orders.

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Invite everyone to the event

  • Group Orders: Select one restaurant and let employees select a customizable meal that fits their dietary preferences. Recommended for feeding small to medium-sized groups.

  • Catering: Select one restaurant and menu items everyone will love. Recommended for feeding the entire team.

  • Vouchers: Share a meal with employees and clients by sending a special one-time link, redeemable wherever they choose on DoorDash. Track spend and only pay for the amount used.

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Elevate occasions with a complimentary meal

  • Gift Cards: For holidays, year end bonuses, and birthdays, show your appreciation with a customizable and personalized gift card. Available in bulk.

  • Vouchers: For corporate events like team lunches and all-hands meetings, send employees and clients a one-time meal voucher to be redeemed anywhere on DoorDash. Track spend and only pay for the amount redeemed.

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Two ways to get started today

Connect with Sales

Want to set up a large group order or recurring meals? A member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your business and provide you with VIP support every step of the way.

Order with Self-Serve

Ready to get started now? A self-serve account is perfect for feeding a small group or providing a one-time meal for events like client meetings and team lunches.

Frequently Asked Questions

DoorDash for Business is free to sign up — you just pay for what your team orders. For additional functionality and Enterprise-level support, see our pricing page or contact our sales team

Employers can choose to pay for DoorDash for Business orders by credit card or by invoice.

  • For credit card payments: Add your preferred credit card as the payment method in your Benefits portal to pay for your team’s orders. Your card will be charged for every order placed by your team, so be sure to check with your bank to make sure they are aware of multiple orders being placed on the card.

  • For invoice payments: Pay for all of your team’s orders at once via a monthly invoice. Invoices are sent the first week of each month (for the month prior) with payment due 30 days after the invoice date (Net 30 terms). You can pay your invoices using a credit card or ACH through our invoicing and payment portal. 

Companies have the ability to set restrictions on how employees can use the budget/stipend, including day, time, and delivery address.

If companies provide stipends to employees, then employees can use their stipend for individual orders or Group Orders with colleagues. Employees can spend up to the amount provided by the stipend and then pay the difference with their own personal payment method.

The beauty of DoorDash for Business is that our solutions provide flexibility and choice for employees. Whether they're using meal credits to order Expensed Meals, or picking their own items in a shared Group Order, your team members will be able to choose meals that work for their health and dietary needs.

DoorDash for Business offers in-depth reporting to help companies centralize and track their meal program. Admins can download a bulk receipt summary in the admin portal and view the current month or previous months as a PDF or CSV.

DoorDash for Business offers a dedicated VIP support team for all business accounts to allow clients to escalate any questions or issues that arise.